July 7th, 2012

Dying call from prison. Details about Portugal Premier Minister air-crash!

Dying call from prison of Farinha Simoes to Jose Esteves. All truth about air-plane crash of Portugal premier minister Francisco de Sa Carneiro in 1980 is founded.

Incredibly, the CIA killed the prime minister of Portugal!
Left there at least a drop of truth in our media or is it all solid scam? This is necessary to speak and to investigate the matter!
Seeing this, I can only hope that justice is done. What happened - a very serious extent at all levels. I want everyone to know about this case.

On December 4th, 1980, Portuguese Prime Minister, Francisco Sa Carneiro and Snu Abecassis, Defence Minister Adelino Amaro da Costa and his wife, the Prime Minister Chief of Staff Antonio Patricio Gouveia, and the Pilot crew- Jorge Albuquerque and Alfredo de Sousa- died in a plane crash. The campaign for the presidential election of 1980 was ended. The Cessna had just taking off when it crashed in flames in the close neighborhood of Fontainhas, Camarate.The purpose of the trip was to support the coalition's to presidential candidate General Antonio Soares Carneiro.The party's involved were Social Democratic Party(PSD), Democratic and Social Center(CDS) and People's Monarchist Party(PPM).
The victims' families made a complain in March 2007 to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), for negligence by the Portuguese authorities, but was ruled that Portugal can not be convicted of negligence because the case had already prescribed.
A former bodyguard, explosives specialist and Obscurantist, confessed to Focus Magazine the he was co-author of the incendiary bomb that caused the crash; To"scare" General Soares Carneiro - Presidential candidate for the Democratic Alliance (AD) was the ideia - and that the engine was, next modified and that was the reason of the tragic Cessna accident. Jose Esteves explained that "it was a designed scare Soares Carneiro" The bomb,had been conceived, with the intent to make the plane catch fire at the end of the runway, without lifting, and ...scare" .
Adelino Amaro da Costa had a plane available to travel to Porto, where he would attend the closing Soares Carneiro campaign , but along with Freitas do Amaral went to Setubal. Prime Minister Sa Carneiro cancel the two booked tickets on TAP and, together with the Defence Minister, boarded the Cessna.
The former bodyguard also said that it was him who "built the knife, it was not him who stabbed." "I manufacture the knife, but I do not give a stab. Guns do not kill. Those who kill are men. In Camarate, all I did was say 'yes, sir, boss,'
"I set up an incendiary device that was delivered to dark-skinned individual ..." Jose Esteves told the magazine the mix: "If we add potassium chlorate with sugar and sulfuric acid have an incendiary bomb and refused to be considered the killer of two Portuguese politicians and confesses that, even today,Camarate causes him an immense suffering. -Focus Magazine
A new character Francisco Farinha Simoes this April, a man jailed for kidnapping of a journalist, in an 18 pages confession claimed,last week he organized the plane’s bombing on behalf of someone that is unclear .In 18-page where he allegadly worked,not only to CIA, (that betrayed him) but virtually to all secret services at the time assume the terrorist attack.
Family members of the victims always claimed of "omitted" evidence during proceedings, that "left out" relevant evidence had been forgotten and "erroneous assessment" by the Portuguese authorities. What is the criteria Lack of interest, irrelevancy?

Years later politicians from that era, start jumping ideals(and parties.) Some Portuguese politics are convict some don't. A Portuguese trauma afterwards, dictatorship is still a shadow of many doubts, "violence ghosts" that are not an exclusive of our country but we, always had our "shouting balls". People with no camouflage that speak up. There are commonly accepted opinions by forensic analysts, police special units, detectives, airplanes constructors, politicians, journalists, intellectuals...more than 30 years passed and the paradox is still unsolved, internal or foreigner conspiracy or both with some people taking pathetic advantage. People from whom, power is not a matter of convictions but a matter of Marketing ,Advertisement, Curriculum, people with no shame,no honor,no character and no principles of any kind that cowardly and disgustingly like to walk in the spectrum of their own science-Political Pundititivism. But when contradictory (political) propositions (political) antithesis, are not dialectic, in the sense of political debate; un-or- obstructive they, I mean when discretion is to much there is some lack of insight or someone is hiding the essential. Also sickly unobtrusiveness is the arm of the professional politics. The almighty crap!

Convictions are not left, right, center or outside the spectrum. That's what Francisco Sa Carneiro taught us. Conviction are strong believes, gifts that inexorably mean respect for all citizens.
Sa Carneiro died threatening to resign if General Soares Carneiro lost the presidential elections and in (still) unknown circumstances, what makes credible negligence and uncover the truth is the work of every society powers.

Another candidate won and was reelected (General Ramalho Eanes) but some still find, a live full of achievements -populism- never losing an opportunity to enhance the leader because it looks good, and his tragic death, made him a legend. We can talk about "ifs". But the fact is that 32 years after the events perplexity in this cloudy Politic Civil,Civic and Judicial swamp that is an affront to the Portugal conscience as a nation and to the families of the victims.

"The workforce adopted our party and made it theirs: laborers, peasants, workman, small property owners, teachers, small business owners- took the founders proposal and took the Portuguese the Social Democracy has a way to the collective construction of a socialist society..."-Archive Video
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